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  Meet the Press  NBC  August 9, 2015 10:33am-10:41am EDT

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campaign will be consumed by it. that's all i'll do all day. >> i'm joined now on the phone from new york by donald trump. mr. trump, welcome back to "meet the press." >> thank you, chuck. >> well, you've had 24 more hours to reflect on your comments on megyn kelly. any change this morning? do you want to apologize? >>apologize. she asked a very, very -- i thought very unfair question and so did everybody on social media. and i answered the question very well. i won every poll on debates, "time" magazine, grudge, news match, every poll. people thought i won the debate easily. it's sort of an interesting thing. i think they did not like the way i was questioned. and i understand that. i just want to get on. but what i said was totally appropriate, there was nothing wrong. only a ddeviant, and i literall mean that, only a deviant would think something else. >> let me say you're not making
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a reference to hormones, you're still making a demonic, animalistic reference with blood in your eyes even with your new dwi incisi definition. >> no, she was very angry. i respect people. she was very angry because i brought up something that got the loudest applause of the day by far and it interrupted her question. all i said was there was blood pouring out of her eyes. and there was blood -- and then i said, you know what, i want to get on to the next sentence because, frankly, i don't have to talk about the blood coming out of her ears and her nose, which is a very common statement. so i said, all right, wherever, let's go. i got on to the next statement. then all of a sudden the next day i wake up and i hear that, you know, somebody took it as something else. only a deviant would think that, chuck. i didn't even think that. who would think it? hey, i went to the wharton
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school of finance, i was a great student. i don't talk that way. >> then why can't you just apologize for saying, you know what, i'm sorry some people took it the wrong way. you seem to have an allergy -- you seem to have an allergy toward apologizing. >> no, i apologize when i'm wrong but i haven't been wrong. i said nothing wrong. it's a very common statement. i've said it -- excuse me, i said it about chris wallace. i was there was blood pouring -- because he tried to question me and he's a small shadow of his father, mike. that i can tell you. but i said it about chris wallace. chris wallace came out and i said there was blood pouring out of his eyes. nobody asked me about apologizing. >> you know, i want to read you a comment of somebody who was rather supportive of you. this was a supporter in atlanta. she said this, though. it was in "the washington post." talking about blood and a woman, it was just inappropriate. megyn kelly is just so well liked by the public. she should have made nice-nice
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with her. i thought the question was a little offbase, but he took, referring to you, a mosquito bite and turned it into a skin cancer. >> chuck, i would have made nice, i have no problem. and i have no problem apologizing if i'm wrong. but when i say it about chris wallace and there was nothing wrong and then you say it about megyn kelly, is there a double standard? you know, we're talking about everybody being the same. i mean are we talking about double standards? and i don't mind apologizing if something is wrong. the only thing is on the second part of it, i didn't want to waste time going -- i wanted to get on to the next statement because, frankly, it was more important than what i was discussing. so i just cut it short. but i never referred to anything having to do with the other subject matter that a couple of people thought i might have. and then you had this guy erick erickson, who's a total -- he's a known loser. >> let me stop you here for a minute. because anybody that criticizes you, you've done it to me in the past. when somebody criticizes you,
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you go after them, you find something in their physical appearance, you go after them personally. why? why is this your tendency? >> chuck, i don't. i don't. maybe more so than most people, but part of the problem we have now is political correctness. we have a country that's in trouble. we have a country where in the middle east they're cutting off -- they're chopping off people's heads if they happen to be a christian and for other reasons also. you look at what's going on at the border, with kate and with all of the problems in san francisco, with all of the problems that we've got, you look at what's going on in the country with crime and with our inner cities, and all they talk about is tone. jeb bush said, well, mr. trump's tone is not -- well, we don't have enough time for tone. we need enthusiasm. we need something -- we need a much tougher tone than we've had because it's not about tone. we have to straighten out our country, we have to make our country great again and we need energy and enthusiasm. and this political correctness
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is just absolutely killing us as a country. you can't say anything. anything you say today, they'll find a way to say why it's not good. you know what, chuck. essentially, though, i think we have to get back to work as a country. i heard jeb bush the other day say a terrible thing about women's health issues. he made a horrible mistake. i equate that mistake as being worse than what romney said about the 47%, which possibly cost him the election. i will be fantastic. i have so much respect for women and i will help women in terms of the health issues because it's so important to do that. chuck, i have thousands of women working for me. i have women working at high positions. i was one of the first people to put women in charge of big construction jobs. and, you know, i have had a great relationship with women, and i will help women with women's health issues, unlike somebody like jeb bush who really made a big mistake and he was later forced to apologize.
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>> except -- look, let me go back to the premise of megyn kelly's question, which was you have a tendency of disparaging women on looks, and we're seeing all sorts of -- i found ten instances, sometimes in your book, sometimes in your twitter feed. you went after people like bette midler and gayle collins. look, this is what some women find offensive, mr. trump, is that you go to looks. it's a -- it's a disparaging thing. it's something out of "mad men," sir. >> well, some of the things that she should i didn't say and she went through a whole list and this was a hell of a first question, by the way. but i will say this. i was attacked by the people that you talk about. when you mentioned a couple of those names, i was attacked viciously by those people. i don't mean a little bit, i mean viciously. when i'm attacked, i fight back. but i was attacked viciously by those women. of course it's very hard for them to attack me on looks because i'm so good looking. but i was attacked very
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viciously by those women. and frankly, again we get back to the words political correctness. am i allowed to defend myself? what they said about me is far worse than what i said about them, chuck. so again, i want to get back to the country. we have such problems. >> yeah. >> we have unemployment that's incredible. we need jobs. we have to take jobs back from china. that's the subjects that i'm good at. and by the way, during that whole debate, which was 24 million people. if i wasn't on, they would have had 2 million people, not 24 million people and everybody admits that. you would have had just another debate that nobody would have watched. so, you know, that's one of those things. but i want to get back to jobs. they didn't ask me one question about jobs. and every single poll said i am by far the best by triple digits, i am by far the best on jobs and the economy. they didn't ask me about jobs or the economy. i want to talk about all of these issues. but a lot of times i don't get the opportunity because people hit me with questions that don't relate to those. >> maybe the next time we will
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be able to do issues. >> we will. i hope so, chuck. that's what i want to do, jobs and the economy. that's what i